Pixinote. Emojified.

There are now more ways than ever to

By all , we should be the most connected ever

But the reality is have never been less

We're here to that. Introducing Pixinote.

It's a short and you create right from your

Select a to use, add your , fill in the recipient's address.

And . We print it, crop it, and it off to anyone you want.

It's quick, it's easy, but more than anything, it's meaningful.

Because you it. And they get to onto it.

Even in a outage.

It's a great way to say , or , or . Or just about anything else that's on your .

And best of all, Pixinote is available now. So check it out at pixinote.com.

It's time for communication that matters again. It's time to get truly . It's time to get started.

Pixinote. Share something noteworthy.

And Yes. Pixinote now supports emojis. (graciously provided by Emoji One)