Pixinoter Spotlight: *samanthacave Delights Her Gran, Big Time


They say that you can stare into a baby's face for an eternity. Many moms out there with newborns would agree. But who would know this even better than mom? 


Because a generation later, she gets to experience those chubby cheeks and mesmerizing eyes all over again. And gets lost in that beautiful stare all over again.

So it's no surprise that many Pixinotes have been sent to Grandma, whether it's to say thanks for the gifts she sent, or just so she can have a picture to hold onto. Pixinoter *samanthacave knew just how to touch Gran's heart when she sent a couple sweet little Pixinotes. 

And her Gran loved it so much, she carried around the Pixinotes everywhere she went.

Gran loved them so much, she brought them to her dentist appointment.

Gran loved it so much, she even got a couple people at her dentist's office hooked on Pixinote.

You go, Gran.  


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